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A good job, perhaps, as an exquisite black croc tote I do pick up costs £18,000.

While product is displayed reverently, it’s not hidden behind glass boxes, and I’m happy to try on sunglasses and rummage through raincoats.

Downstairs in the accessories area you can wave one of Burberry’s Prorsum collection clutches and a wall will blink into life, showing a making-of video featuring the Italian artisan who hand-chiselled the ornamental foxes adorning each bag.

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But, surprisingly, an approachable, relaxed store is exactly what they have created.

Walking through the four floors and 27,000 square feet of slick Burberry selling space, I never once feel under pressure to buy, or even browse.

Her song "I Don't Want to Wait" was used as the theme song to the television show Dawson's Creek.

Cole got her first big professional break when she was invited to perform on Peter Gabriel's 1993–94 Secret World Live tour.

The arguments are as well worn as your socks might be once Fido or Elvis gets hold of them. For those who can't wait, there's always this weekend's Discover Dogs show at Earls Court.

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