Dating woman that like animals

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You’ll be supporting local agriculture and farming, and the animals are probably treated better there. Use organic, fair/trade and local ingredients for a full-green affair. If you like bird watching and creating colorful art, then a perfect date idea is decorating bird feeders. If both of you have dogs, then go for a walk in the park together with your furry friends. There are plenty of events that you two can donate your time to, like animal adoption fairs or animal welfare donation benefits.When they’re done, the three (or more) of you can sit down and enjoy your respective treats along with a movie. You can buy plain feeders at hardwood or pet stores. Make some bird treats, hang up your feeders and watch the beautiful birds come to your yard. You’ll all get exercise, fresh air, and quality time. You’ll be helping a local charity and getting to know each other. Leave the modern world and conveniences behind and immerse yourself in nature.

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She ended up taking the dog somewhere else because we kept our thermostat too high. When they pass on, we will NOT be getting any new additions. If I were single it wouldn't be a deal breaker though.

I am not super fond of pets and have no desire to have a relationship with someone who just could not live without them.

More dates down the road revealed a man not very warm, even to his children. I don't have any animals right now but I do envision getting a dog or two at the most. Also, how do you feel about people who have (in your view) too many animals?

I have a girlfriend who has 5 cats and her boyfriend has one dog.

They want to move in but their 'children' do not get along and neither will give them up.

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