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Your content moderation process should evolve as your site and volumes expand.

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Content Quality Why is quality important for a startup marketplace? In 2009 Airbnb was having no success penetrating the New York market.

After looking into the issue they found the cause to be low quality pictures. And the importance of quality is not just limited to pictures, it matters for text, content relevancy and the user journey as well.

So how do you manage the quality of your content on a newly started marketplace or dating site? Content moderation for Marketplaces and Dating sites is the process of reviewing user generated content to ensure that it is aligned with the policies of your site.

What you are aiming for is to curate the content users create so well that your site always meets the needs of those browsing it.

You will make life a lot easier for yourself if you pick a scalable solution from the start and if you implement a solid content moderation strategy at the very beginning of your growth adventure.

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