updating technomate on linux - Dating s w model 10

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You will probably find aftermarket grips more comfortable than the stock factory wood ones.A G19 mark on the yoke or in the frame cutout is most likely a assembly number or inspectors/foreman's mark, a G19 stamped on the backstrap would be a rack number for a police dept, prison, etc. My Smith & Wesson Model 10-6 with a 4" heavy duty barrel, purchased new in 1973, has a serial number in the 758XXX range.There is a screw in the front of the grip and two screws on the right side of the frame. S&W started using model numbers instead of "names" in 1959 ...

S&W used MCNs while the gun was in the manufacturing process and when it was ready to ship, the serial number was stamped in the crane and usually on the butt. I just bought a new in the box Model 10, one of the current Classics because I liked the looks, thought it might be a nice carry gun and so on.

Mosel 10s are quite plentiful (over 6 million made) because they were the standard sidearm for many police departments and guard companies world wide. Wasn't expecting much in the way of accuracy with the fixed sights and so on, but, OMG, was I wrong. Guess there's a reason the 10 been's around for so long.

Any wear and the price goes down dramatically - a serviceable but finish worn model 10 can still be had for $200 - $225 in my neck of the woods.

Your revolver is modern and should handle all of that 130gr FMJ you can run through it, I've found that my 10's shoot the 158gr loads best.

Kinda scary if you ask me, not sure what he ever made out, as i never asked. Note the heavy barrel, different front sight and the pinned barrel.

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