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She is first seen in the introduction of the game holding an Evoker to her forehead, giving the impression that she is attempting suicide, but she eventually drops it.

When the protagonist arrives at the dorm, Yukari guides him around the dorm and his school, becoming his classmate.

She is careful not to let anyone get too close to her because of her 'shady' past, and constantly teases Junpei because of this (e.g. She opens up to the protagonist because she thinks they can relate in their parental issues.

Also, whenever someone makes a perverted remark towards her (usually Junpei or Ryoji), she will respond by either stomping on their foot or slapping them.

At school and in Tartarus/Dark Hour, she wears a pink sweater jacket, a loose red ribbon, a black mini skirt, black stockings with white lines, and a heart-shaped white choker.

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