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by  |  08-May-2016 10:10

After 21 is impossible to remain growing in height.

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Honestly, like 14-year olds at 18-19 and basically teenagers in their early 20s so i guess the onset of puberty has something to do with it.

Speaking anecdotally, if you look very young at 18, you got some chance to grow and what i mean by growth is, at least 2-inches and up to 4-inches that i have actually witnessed.

He is in bare feet one of the scenes and he looks about MAX 4 inches taller than Margot Robbie! I grew to be 181cm or 5'11.25 by the time I was 19.

Growing 3 inches between 17-20 seems plausible to me.

Also at 18-19 I was 6ft2.75, so I grew almost an inch after that age.

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