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Shepard finds out that she was killed by Cerberus by overhearing refugees talking near Kelly's previous location or the chatter between Donnelly and Daniels in the Normandy's Engineering deck (if they also survived the Collectors' abduction and were offered pardons).

On the other hand, if Shepard insists that she change her identity, she dyes her hair blonde and changes her name to Felicia Hannigan, allowing her to survive the Cerberus attack.

She politely declines Shepard's invitation to return to the Normandy due to the recurring nightmares of her abductions by the Collectors, preferring to stay on the Citadel to help the refugees instead.

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It is still possible to pursue a relationship with a squadmate after this point if Shepard is solely interested in having her feed Shepard's fish.

If Kelly is among the crewmates saved from the Collector's base, and if Shepard currently has no existing romance partners, she will send a message on the terminal telling Shepard to use the intercom to invite her up into Captain's Cabin.

In the Cerberus organization, she is identified as a member of the Lazarus Cell.

If Shepard asks her about Cerberus' notorious reputation, Kelly refutes the notion that she or the organization is anti-alien.

After the Normandy crew is abducted by the Collectors, Shepard must decide whether to travel immediately through the Omega 4 Relay to rescue the crew and destroy the Collector Base or to delay the mission in order to prepare themselves better.

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