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I as you have a lot of questions, I'mcurious to know more about you, and if you're interested ... I told youthat in a Sunday, I can not write you and see your letters. First, I thinkabout the French, but still, my teacher insisted that I chose English. And probably evennow when I try to do everything right, you can see a lot of mistakesin my letters?? And it's beautiful,especially the sound of the waves beating on the shore.10) Your hobbies and interests that you most like? And always waiting foryou to visit.13) Do you like animals? 15) I'm not talking, not saying that tomorrow, I'll just talk, wouldyou like to meet one day? Whilestudying really wanted to learn a foreign language. Even at the university lecturer told me that I speak well andunderstand, but is very difficult to read and write. And now, masteringthe Internet, I can see the pictures that I take your breath away. I guess I'm very much looking movies(smile).9) Did you see the sea? Foryou perhaps it sounds like the words of a child, but I do not travel alot, and well, that in my country there is. And the loss of people close to me, grandparents, friends.12) Do you dream of living in another place? I wanted to,but I want to live where is sun, there is a forest, there are goodpeople who saw you smile in response to you. Andmost importantly you will not laugh, because I'm sure for you it willsound strange, and not very real in our time, especially in yourcountry.

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And if you live as they require from you, then you do notlive and just exist !!! I love the rain, probablybecause it is rare in my country, and when there is heavy rain, thestreets empty, and there's no people, I have a feeling that I'm alonein the world.5) What do you value the friendship and relationship? Without this we can not be together, andeven friends. And that is why I amvery interested to know how it’s in the country? I’m not and don’t have license, but sometimes Iwant to try it, go quickly to face the wind was blowing, and the frontwas a good, clean way (smile). And just to answer.1) What do you expect from our communication? At least this,because as I said, I do not think I'll find someone who will need meas much as the air. I hope that you will understand and accept this right. Yes, I’m virgin, and I didnot have intimacy with a man before.

I'm looking for my life partner, myhappiness, for which I am ready to fight. As Ihave already said that any nonsense, any act can lead you to variousmeetings. (I understand, probably a stupidquestion, but I would like to know.) I believe and hope that somedayin my life is a miracle happened.4) Do you like more the sun or the rain? I am not at all only my country where I wasborn, and the country where I live now, and grew. And for me it is an exotic (smile)7) Can you hit a girl !? I can not hit anybody,probably because I have not fought ever (Smile), but if I have someoneto attack, I can scream so loud that it scared and run away (smile).8) Do you drive car? And now the questions that I very much would like to know the answers. I want to share withyou my life.2) I do not know how to find the words that I could express to you....... I do not know, maybe because I did not feel that I want to openup completely and in my religion girls do it only after marriage. Writemore correctly, and most importantly to share all my thoughts.

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you. Perhaps it would be surprise for you, when you received this my letter. For example on his farm have 2 cows and 4sheep's as minimum. And if you would beinterested, I can tell you a little more about my parents later.

The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers. But I want to tell you that I looking for soul mate and life partner for all my life. I want you to know also, that Azerbaijan is a country not so far gonein the progress of electronics, as European or some other countries. When I was student I learn English language, but I can talk in otherlanguages, such as French. But I warn you rightaway that I often use a translator! And I'll be very pleased to wait for yours letter and your pictures! And ofcourse tell me what you do, where you live, and much more.

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Dating love bigmir net

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