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In Australia more than 2500 people die each year with latest figures (2014) telling us that 2,864 Australians took their own life.Research also tells us that some 65,000 people attempt suicide each year.

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They are the driving force behind successful careers and companies, thriving industries, and economies. As we look ahead to 2017, we are inspired by the continued growth of the World Skills movement around the globe.

We are tremendously grateful to our Members and partners who are committed to improving the world with the power of skills.

Throughout 2016, Vision 2025 took shape, starting with development meetings in Brussels, Singapore, and Washington D.

C., along with discussions at General Assembly Niagara Falls 2016 where it was unanimously adopted.

Valerie, This site gives great hope to those of us who wish to change our lives by finding a friend and partner.

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