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Those that came with friends have conversations and take selfies while the ones that came alone silently sip wine whilst staring off into the distance.

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Here you can download file Dating In The Dark AU S01E03 WS 495MB DSR Xvi D-HDCP.

by: Fatima Mathivha - 17 April 2015 It’s 20h05 on a Saturday evening. I power walk just fast enough to save myself from breaking out into a full sweat. I hope they didn’t see me.” As I take a few steps back towards Fox Street, lined with parked cars, I see a sign just to the left of the entrance. “Shame, she’s so single and lonely she’s resorted to speed dating in the dark”, I imagine them saying.

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Alexander Parsons is a composer and sound designer for film, television and media, based in London.

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