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When 17-year-old Otto Sanhuber knocked on the Oesterreichs’ ornate double entry door, Dolly, then 33, answered .In the master bedroom the dusty old Singer machine remained untouched; the same could not be said for Mrs. Their tryst that day marked the beginning of a multi-decade sexual relationship.

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He decided to move to Los Angeles that year, not knowing that the phantom haunting his Milwaukee mansion would follow him out West.

In Los Angeles the Oesterreichs’ marriage began to deteriorate.

They arrested Dolly but still unable to explain how she had locked herself in the closet, were forced to drop the charges and release her from custody.

During the hearings she made another damning mistake when she asked Shapiro to bring food to her attic-dwelling “vagabond half-brother.” Sanhuber was happy to see Herman.

Pulp fiction magazines were the descendants of the 19th-century “penny dreadful.” For 10 cents readers could satisfy their prurient curiosities with tales of sex, murder, addiction, and madness.

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