Dating friendship or marriage mohamed from egypt

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He was dedicated to reforming all aspects of Egyptian society and believed that education was the best way to achieve this goal.He was in favor of a good religious education, which would strengthen a child’s morals, and a scientific education, which would nurture a child’s ability to reason.He was also appointed to teach Arabic at the Khedivial School of Languages.

In 1885, after brief stays in England and Tunisia, he returned to Beirut, as a teacher, When he returned to Egypt in 1888, Abduh began his legal career.

He was appointed judge in the Courts of First Instance of the Native Tribunals and in 1891, he became a consultative member of the Court of Appeal.

In 1884 he moved to Paris, France where he joined al-Afghani in publishing The Firmest Bond (al-Urwah al-Wuthqa), an Islamic revolutionary journal that promoted anti-British views.

Abduh also visited Britain and discussed the state of Egypt and Sudan with high-ranking officials.

He had stated that every society should be allowed to choose a suitable form of government based on its history and its present circumstances.

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