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Accidental Gentlemen starts with the aptly-titled Opener, which Shettel says addresses the power of words and how they can screw up your day or make you feel so good, you cant believe it.

Nature Wins discusses the co-existence of humans with nature, and predicts the eventual victor. or Boston, and youll see the trees cracking through the pavement or that the ocean is swallowing the land, and you cant really stop it.

Thats what Piebald guitarist/vocalist Travis Shettel says about his bands latest, Accidental Gentlemen (Side One Dummy Records), and the fact that like most of the Piebald back catalog which dates back to 1995 its an album that was largely tracked to analog tape, foregoing the preferred computer-based methods of recording these days.

When you compare it to many other records on the market, they sound like a weird robot machine playing songs that may or may not be good. And its that personal nature thats the charm and truth of Accidental Gentlemen, an album title that partially admits to Piebalds admission of a few faults.

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