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Accordingly, all of Alfred Kerbs’ products stand out both for the painstaking technique that goes into making them, and for the way they add an extraordinary twist to classic frames.

By offering them an exhibition space, guidance from seasoned professionals and some monetary resources, their goal is to give a voice and to foster the work of emerging local talent.

The design of the call for entries poster begins with the assumption that, between the two parties – the art center and the participants – exists a transaction that circumvents money, where physical space and guidance are offered in exchange for the participants’ time and efforts.

The output of this collaboration includes, among others, photo editorials by Paul Jung, Maud Rémy-Lonvis, Barrie Hullegie, and Bennie Julian Gay, essays by Eugenia Lapteva, Philippa Snow and Martti Kalliala, and the creation of a special section devoted to the literary group Fiktion, of which Odiseo has published texts by Ingo Niermann, Rajeev Balasubramanyam, Amy Patton, and Nick Currie aka. is a Spanish industrial designer whose products – primarily furniture – are widely recognized for their futuristic approach to transparency, lightness and femininity.

Quitllet’s methodology is defined by an interest in long-forgotten objects, whose features or uses he appropriates in his own design, making of his work a hybrid between sculpture, archaeology and design.

: a publication that, referencing the “gentleman’s magazines” of mid-20th century, combines artfully erotic photography with long-form essays investigating topics of current interest from a social and philosophical viewpoint.

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