Dating a married pisces man

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I love him I have been dating a my taurus man for 1 1/2years now. I have the best in my Taurus but I think he is selfish with his time I want him all the time he wants his business and his s*x and his attention when he wants it..I must say attention to details in the bed and out his touch and is everything to his sensual kisses make me more and more submissive and maternal towards him I never want to stop s*xing him and taking of him in everyway..his touch the most...... Yeah they have big egos and can be selfish but they can be extremely giving and loyal.

Everything I have read about our compatability is true. He says that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and I believe that.

In return he does things around the house and for my car that he knows I can either not reach or don't know how before I ask him. I thought it was because he was married twice before. Anything you need he will find a way to make happen. He just wants to make sure you are going to give the same loyalty and love in return.

He buys my favorite flowers when I start to get moody and when he gets too big headed I will definitely brig his a** back down to earth and he loves it. I miss him something awful, but I refuse to continue to Compromise my beliefs.

Famous Libra-Pisces Couples: Gwyneth Palthrow and Chris Martin Peace and harmony. An ideal aesthetic at work between them brings these two signs together at a very deep level.

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