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Just as those who struggle with drugs and alcohol, they have developed a chemical dependency.In this stage, pornography, masturbation, cybersex chat rooms, paid sex, and "one night stand" meaningless relationships completely take the place of real human connection, intimacy and relationships.Something Awful Forums, author "iceaim" This thread has been inspired by the "Anyone remember AOHell and similiar programs? Below is a description of some of the "special" AOL accounts that were around: 1.

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If you are struggling with pornography, sex addiction, masturbation or other unhealthy sexual behaviors, the following insights can help you better understand how you got here.

As we grow up, it's very natural to be curious about our bodies, the bodies of others, and human sexuality in general.

Sexual outlets and behaviors release the same kinds of neurochemicals commonly experienced with illicit street drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs.

What starts out as recreational use can quickly lead to an escalating "drug of choice" for self-medication, escape.

In many cases, experiences with pornography, masturbation, casual sex and other sexual outlets start out motivated by simple curiosity.

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