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The term “geo-resources” refers to all geological resources that serve as the basis for life in modern-day society: groundwater, mineral resources, energy production and space for the use, storage and disposal of materials.

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Spatial referencing is one of the most important aspects of everyday life.

It often determines our life and actions without being noticed.

It was published in the period from 1845 to 1865 and thus coincides with the creation of the modern Swiss Confederation.

The original surveys for the Dufour Map were used for the publication of the 000 / 000 Topographic Atlas of Switzerland (Siegfried Map), which was produced between 18 as a co-operation between the federal government and the cantons, based on two Federal Acts dating from 1868.

The National Maps were implemented in varying scales up and subsequently replaced the Dufour and Siegfried maps and their supplements.

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