Cunt dating Free online sex chatting site without registration

by  |  23-Jan-2015 03:56

The way I see it, I’m actually strong as fuck, even though I sometimes forget that.

So, if people are going to be shitty to me, I usually have the gumption to talk back to them.

I’m also sassy as fuck and have had it up to here with being treated like less than a human being when it comes to being a vocal woman online, so I stopped reining in my sass when it came to talking with fuckboys.

I eventually put a clause on my dating profile requesting that the only people invited to message me were those who lived in my city, had a clear face pic, had a complete profile, and knew that my being open to casual sex was not an invitation to send me sexually explicit or crude messages.

The second time I created an account, I began keeping screencaps of the abuse as a paper trail.

It took only about two months for that account to be disabled, in which time I collected dozens of screen caps. I gave the same response to every guy who messaged me inappropriately.

Get back to me with proof if you pulled any of them off. I would not be surprised if he got a second chance. Or maybe a brilliant dude being that way on purpose, and inside, he’s laughing his ass off. Don’t go for stuff like this unless you just want to have fun. Rarely works though, and definitely not like this, lol.

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