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Biggest and baddest of all, as far as the farmers were concerned, were the railroads.Years earlier, the farmers' wrath against the stranglehold of the railroads had hardened into action: back in the 1870's the Patrons of Husbandry-more popularly known as the Grange-had flexed its political muscle and secured passage of legislation to regulate railroad rates in the four so-called "Granger States" (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois) of the Midwest.And on the city level, the hue and cry was for municipal ownership of the utilities.

Guess which one is now trying to tell the other one how to run its business? Bloom when he was recalling a poster that was hung at various telephone co worksites, towards the end of 1983, as they (employees) all tried to prepare themselves for the "solution" (the pending divestiture of the Bell System).

or simply THE telephone company, was not a "company" but rather an aggregate term for AT&T encompassing 24 Bell operating companies providing local exchange phone service, the AT&T Long Lines Division providing long distance connections, an equipment manufacturing arm known as Western Electric, and a research and development arm known as Bell Laboratories.

of the sixties and seventies found it challenging to uncloak the technical secrecy of the Bell System's technical operations and equipment.

Others didn't like the idea of the US government support of a corporate monopoly.

At an age when most men are thinking about retirement, Vail was persuaded to come back to the company he loved to breathe new life into it: to reorganize and redirect it along the very lines that he had laid down when he was its top manager two decades before.

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