College freshman dating high school freshman

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All your systems, all your practices, all your rules and rhythms and relationships are about to experience full upheaval.

I cannot think of two more unalike adjacent years than high school senior -I've combed through my experiences, plus my friends', plus those of the students I've adored through the years -- and compiling this shared data, I have a few thoughts to impart.

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So don't lighten up so much that you forget to graduate, but seriously, lighten up.

(When I wrote my BFF's son a post-high school, pre-college letter, I said, "Skip class sometimes." I am a terrible advisor.)And, to be fair: While some of you need to lighten up, others need to tighten up.

College is infinitely broader, more diverse, and more nuanced, and the very characteristics that made you an "outsider" in high school will be connecting points at your university.

You will discover whole groups of artists, entire schools of mathletes, bands of young minds dreaming big dreams beyond .

You know what happens when you blow your parents' tuition money on an expensive semester of partying? I was at my kids' high school today, and it occurred to me: Those years were not very fun for some of you.

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