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It was reported that al-Baghdadi may have been killed in a air raid on Raqqa, Syria in June … Is Magog really Russia as so many Bible teachers say? White You have probably heard that unbelievers will not know when Jesus Christ will return.

But did you know that some church members will be surprised also!

It is an attempt to takeover the country by outside forces. White Turkish citizens are blaming several recent terror attacks on Kurdish PKK fighters that train in Kobani, Syria.

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Syria has now regained control of its largest city but it won’t make any difference. White A Sultan is the political and religious ruler of a Turkish empire.

When Damascus is conquered then Syria will fall into the hands of … Every past Sultan of the Turkish ruled Ottoman Empire had his own Mosque built that was dedicated to himself. Turkish President Erdogan has commissioned the building of a mega …

If you are caught unaware when Jesus returns to take away believers at the Rapture then you may …

View full post Aleppo in Bible prophecy Hamah and Arpad will hear reports about a coming invasion. White The Syrian Army has just rid Aleppo of Al-Qaeda rebels.

Erdogan chased Fethullah Gulen out of Turkey in 1999.

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