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Despite how Churchistic a girl is, remember she's a naughty girl. The only difference is, she's more decent and more reserved, but her heart/mind is naughty; all she needs is a good-bad guy who'll trigger her instinct in secret — as long as nobody knows about it. Starting from today see every girl as a naughty girl waiting for a naughty boy to activate her naughtiness. When you have these mindsets women will always reply your messages. Her inhibition is just too much and can be annihilated by a real man.

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[fun]You: I'm doing exactly what I did by this time last week. [fun]You: I do dogs, I do pvssy (I mean that small animal), but most times it depends on my mood.

[fun]You: I do Boko Haram's recruitment; I know you want to join.

Re-read that line again (slooowly and allooooow it to siiiiiiiiink in youuuuuuuur braiiiiiiin).

When a girl notices you see her as a good girl, she'll act as a good girl towards you, either online or offline.(If you belong here, you're in trouble. When a girl notices you see her as a bad girl she'll act as a naughty girl towards you, be it online or offline.(If you belong here, you're in a good shape.

This is too long for you, it's not for everyone — it's only for those who want to improve the way they chat with women. You can never regret the contents of this gibberish, but I'm happy most of you won't read it. Psychology of a Woman with a Whatsapp or Any Chat Apps on Her Phone.

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