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But for his mother, “it took time.” In fact, his announcement was just the coming attractions: Eventually, both his brothers came out.

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“She doesn’t use it to chat with people there, she just wanted to have it, she’s proud of it.” In addition to Apple i OS, Grindr is available for Android and Blackberry devices “It’s still strange to me that anywhere in the world, with the exception of two islands in the South Pacific, people use my app, Grindr is known everywhere and that every day we have a million and a half users on average. I don’t know how it happened.” The Mc Donaldization of hookups Simkhai has always been careful to maintain his financial independence..

“A lot of people wanted to invest in or buy the company, but I didn’t see the need for it and didn’t want to cede control.

It was just that as a gay man, you always want to know who else around you is gay,” he says.

Simkhai’s family moved from Israel to New York when he was three years old.

“Even if Simkhai insists on not viewing Grindr as a sex app, it’s obvious that this is its purpose,” says Raz Schwartz, an Israeli researcher of social media at Cornell University whose doctoral dissertation was on so-called geosocial networks such as Grindr and Foursquare and Grindr.

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