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These otherwise savvy shoppers might purchase any sale shampoo, skin cleanser or lotion.

But because new skin is constantly being generated and because it plays such an important protective role, it makes sense to choose nourishing natural skin care products.

The epidermis doesn't have blood vessels but does have nerve endings.

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Stratum corneum consists mainly of dead keratinocytes, hardened proteins (keratins) and lipids, forming a protective crust.

Dead cells from stratum corneum continuously slough off and are replaced by new ones coming from below.

True omni-directional motion is defined as the ability to produce controlled compound directional movements simultaneously.

Omnix technology will allow devices, mechanisms, and transporters that previously operated in only linear modes and applications – meaning backwards to forwards and vice versa – to move in lateral, circular, and elliptical directions, navigating rough terrain and even inclines with ease.

In effect, Omnix signals the arrival of true freedom of movement.

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