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There was the handlebar tache in Bronson, the full set in Peaky Blinders and, out this week, the stubbly look in the new Mad Max film."I just love him however he comes," Riley says sweetly.

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Harry may not have looked or acted the part of a "traditional" Prince Charming, but his unapologetic honesty, self-deprecating humor, and kind heart offered Charlotte a better storybook ending than she could have ever imagined — and she fantasized about that stuff a lot.

It may sound cliche, but love can truly come when you least expect it.

She'd spend her teenage days "dancing in terrible nightclubs where the floors lit up and everything was sticky" before going to Durham University where she studied linguistics. I didn't know who the Three Sisters were when I auditioned for my first Chekov play." She comes from a working-class background but she's not sure she qualifies as that any more. "Yeah, you're all fucking hilarious." Are you driven? Children are being brought up to think that it's black or white, right or wrong.

"I think my parents would definitely have described themselves as working class. "I wouldn't say I am in the way I see it in other people. There needs to be more room to go 'you're at school.

While I try to imagine what the hipster beard/female waxing graph might possibly look like (and whether it might radically change our idea of the Hoxton Fin) Riley has returned to my original question. "I think beards are fab as long as there is no food in them and they smell nice.

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