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At the time of the events I will relate, John was a senior in high school, just turning eighteen. I trudged up to my room to change before cooking dinner.

We live in a nice, but small house in a rural area of Indiana. I shed the skirt I had worn and started to unbutton my blouse, but stopped halfway when I glanced in the mirror.

As I slowly stroked my still throbbing pussy, my leg draped over the side of my chair, Donna asked me, (forgive me if this is awkward, but I'm not sure how else to write this). My son had fled the room, but not before I could make out a discernable bulge in his cutoff jeans. I guess I got focused for a moment on my own gratification because Donna had to prompt me. I wondered how visible my nipples might be against the white material of my blouse as I leaned into him and stood on tip-toe to kiss him, pressing my unfettered breasts against his hard body.

Donna: WHEN JOHN HIT PUBERTY, DID HE EVER PEEK AT YOU? YOU KNOW HOW THEY ARE WHEN PUBERTY HITS THEM -- LOL! I COULDN'T CLIMB OUT OF THE SHOWER OR CHANGE CLOTHES WITHOUT HIM BARGING IN! It wasn't the first time my son had "accidentally" walked in on me in the shower -- over the years, he had caught me naked many times, but I wrote it off to a typical boy's case of raging hormones. This was a little beyond anything we'd ever discussed before, but I considered Donna a good friend and I wanted to be honest. JOHN CAUGHT ME NAKED COMING OUT OF THE SHOWER JUST A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO. LAST SATURDAY I SAW HIM IN MY BEDROOM MIRROR PEEKING AT ME WHILE I WAS GETTING DRESSED. He had been practicing hard and I felt a little dizzy as I smelled his sweat and musk.

I leaned against the counter top, my whole body shaking from the tension.

I felt like a hot furnace was between my legs and I could barely stand.

This is a work of fiction, all characters are imaginary and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. I was pretty much computer illiterate until my son taught me and now I don't know how I ever got along without it. I joined one of the major chat sites and it was as if the whole word opened up for me. My husband and I divorced many years ago and he left the area and we lost touch with him, which is no loss for me, but has been hard on our son, John. Donna: WHY DON'T WE BOTH BE NAUGHTY MOTHERS, SWEETIE! When I walked into my house that afternoon, I was worn out.

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