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She starred as Franny Rios in ABC's The Nine, and played the role of Alex in The Brothers Garcia.

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Claire Bennett is struggling to get through day-to-day life despite her buffet of pills, one-on-one medical support and the Women's Chronic Pain Support Group she regularly attends.

She is forced to cope with the heart-breaking break-up of her relationship but becomes deeply obsessed with the suicide of Nina Collins, another woman from the support group.

Meanwhile, Claire frequently experiences hallucinations of Nina, who slowly draws her towards normality and, perhaps, a happier life.

Following a development season that got off to a late start and ultimately featured a major wave of reboots and comic book adaptations, the broadcast networks are again gearing up for a busy pilot season as they compete with not only each other but basic and premium cable as well as streaming services including Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, all of whom are making major scripted pushes.

In a bid to learn more about her death and, indeed, her life, she persuades the group leader to pass on Nina's address.

Camille guaty dating

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