Sexdatingsite at nairobi - Calendar blackberry not updating

by  |  12-Mar-2015 22:03

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To get to both options, go to in a web browser (login is the same id and password as on your phone) and click on the Settings tab at the top of the page and then on the Calendar tab towards the top of the page.

Subscription feed option For online calendars and other calendars that can access the internet, the best option is to set up a calendar subscription.

With this method, if you add or change anything on your trips, the information will not be automatically updated and you will need to re-download the file and import it again (or just manually make the change on your calendar if it is an easy change).

You can view a read-only version of your Teamup Calendar events from other calendar applications using the i Calendar Feed.

This will keep your calendar synced with any updates to your itinerary within Trip Case.

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