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Hedge funds struggled during the financial crisis, losing almost 20% in 2008 (although still outperforming the S&P 500 by 18% that year).Some funds put up gates that limited clients from redeeming their capital.

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While hedge funds are not appropriate for all investors based on factors such as risk tolerance and liquidity preferences, we believe that hedge funds can play an important role in client portfolios over the long-term, and that they can be particularly beneficial in today's environment.

In this paper we shed some light on the asset class, explain why hedge funds have struggled in the last few years, and offer our views on their likely performance going forward.

Indeed investors could always reduce market exposure on their own, simply by moving a portion of their portfolio to cash.

The real value that hedge funds add comes from illiquidity premiums and active returns.

In this piece we describe the drivers of hedge fund returns, cast some light on their performance over the last few years, and identify potential opportunities within the current environment. Hedge funds could do no wrong…they protected during busts, capitalized on booms, and lived up to the promise of 'absolute return.' However, between the challenges of 2008 and the recent uninspiring performance, many investors have lost patience with the asset class.

Brencourt advisors liquidating hedge funds

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