Bollywood sex peron dating a wife

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The film was declared an above average grosser at the box office.

Synopsis The bored wife of an MNC vice president (Arbaaz), Mandira, has an extramarital affair with an army officer she met on a chatroom.

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Aftab shows her a picture of the lady: his mother who died 10 years ago!

Crew Synopsis Dino finds a book on the beach and picks it up. He writes his name and date of birth as instructed and starts to read the book.

Crew Synopsis Neha meets a lady on the train on her way home where she was getting engaged.

The lady gives her an earring and vanishes at Lovedale railway station. Neha is also unhappy and her father questions her doubt.

Dus Kahaniyaan (English: Ten Tales) is a 2007 anthology Indian film comprising ten short films telling ten different stories which are directed by a host of six directors.

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