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The rear axle was stripped and cleaned and the chassis and running gear renovated.

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Andre Zlattinger, Sotheby's director of Scottish pictures, said yesterday that it was difficult to value his work.

But he said: "I am expecting huge interest in these seven paintings."Vettriano himself recalled the Bluebird commission.

The crankcase was metal stitched, the crankshaft re-ground and polished, new conrods, pistons, valves, springs, gudgeon pins and bearings fitted.

The main bearing was refurbished and the damaged cylinder bore re-lined.

It might only have taken a few minutes of preparation this week but it was the culmination of years of detailed research and 2,000 hours of skilled labour on the 17.6-litre V12 engine of Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Sunbeam 350hp — which he called Bluebird — after disaster struck in 1994.

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