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If you have your own unique story about becoming an adult in New York—a coming of age that could only happen in that city—let us know. You don’t need to have kids, get married, buy a house, etc (though all that will certainly give you more responsibilities). Some are double/triple that age and haven’t reached it yet.

After I got married and had my first son, I thought I would start feeling like an adult.

Finally, at 1 AM, I jumped from the couch, grabbed my phone, and called my parents, who live in North Carolina and could do absolutely nothing to help me, to ask what to do.

My mom, drowsy and still half asleep, actually giggled and said “give him some cheese and make friends.” Then she basically hung up.

We’ve heard a variety of takes from New Yorkers on their markers for adulthood, which spurred Jillian to reflect on her own experience in the Big Apple.

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