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“I do not hesitate to pronounce as my opinion, (Augusta) will very soon become the metropolis of Georgia.” Following the American Revolution and the peace treaty between Great Britain and the United States being signed in 1783, former Georgia Gov.

“An extensive level plain on the banks of a fine navigable river, which has its numerous sources in the Cherokee mountains, a fruitful and temperate region; whence after roving and winding about those fertile heights, they meander through a fertile hilly country, and one after another combine in forming the Tugilo and Broad rivers, and then the famous Savannah River.” In 1773, Bartram wrote that Augusta was in the ideal position on the Savannah River for future growth.

“Augusta thus seated at the head of navigation, and just below the conflux of several of its most considerable branches, without a competitor, commands the trade and commerce of vast fruitful regions above it, and from every side to a great distance,” Bartram wrote.

“A surprising discovery was that college level teaching had been done before 1925; in fact, post-secondary work was begun by Georgians of the generation of the American Revolution.” Therefore, the college’s “beginning” was difficult for Cashin to clearly define. “Those who see the Augusta College campus for the first time are usually struck by its historic setting,” Cashin wrote.

“They frequently comment on the clever adaptation of the Augusta Arsenal facilities to educational uses, ‘swords into plowshares,’ is a favorite expression.

“There is no county in the state which ought to pride itself more on account of its natural advantages, than that of Richmond (County),” Walton wrote.

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