Are josh and ryder dating on destination truth

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Josh and team conduct a simultaneous investigation in The Gambia as they try to hunt down two mythical creatures at once; the Ninki Nanka – a giant, dragon-headed lizard and the Kikiyaon – a giant owl creature.Josh and his team conduct their first investigation into ghosts said to haunt Romania's Hoia Baciu Forest, and the evidence is later analyzed by TAPS founders, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, of Ghost Hunters.They themselves find an unrecognizable corpse and give it to local authorities.

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Next, he enters the rain forests of the Philippines, risking capture by armed rebels and exposure to mercury-contaminated water to find the Pinatubo, a strange river creature.

Josh and team go on the hunt in the Philippines for the mythical Aswang, devilish ghouls that are said to haunt an old tree, take the form of various animals, and attack those who enter a nearby church.

Afterward, he returns to Zambia in search of the Kongamato, a Pterodactyl-like creature that reportedly attacks people in their homes at night.

Josh and team explore the Blue Mountains region near Sydney, Australia to find evidence of a Bigfoot-like creature called the Yowie.

Josh and team go to the African island of Pemba which is reportedly haunted by the tortured spirits of former slaves.

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