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Iverson said, "For me to be in a bowling alley where everybody in the whole place know who I am and be crackin' people upside the head with chairs and think nothin' gonna happen? And what kind of a man would I be to hit a girl in the head with a damn chair?

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Listed at 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m) tall, Iverson became the shortest first overall pick ever, in a league normally dominated by taller players.

Coming to a Philadelphia team that had just finished the previous season at 18-64, Iverson was only able to help the Sixers to a 22–60 record in 1996–97.

Commissioner David Stern's response was to sign off on a league-wide dress code, which called for players to dress in business casual attire pre and post-game or face a fine.

While the new system of dress was required for all players, it was essentially the Allen Iverson rule.

He was the first player under Coach Thompson to leave Georgetown early for the NBA.

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