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Back to Top The male delivers prey to the female during the time she is incubating the eggs and brooding the young chicks.

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This patch has lots of blood vessels just beneath the skin that transfer heat to the eggs.

Back to Top Barn Owls usually start breeding at about a year old. She has a featherless area on her abdomen called a “brood patch” which is designed to keep the eggs warm.

Questions and Answers About Texas Barn Owl Events, June 6-7, 2016? Back to Top Many details about mate selection are not known.

Won’t the babies get smothered from the parents sitting on them? Will the Cornell Lab intervene if the nest is abandoned? Do the parents feed the young birds after they leave the nest? There is even one report of polygyny, with two females and one male nesting and raising young together in one nest box.

Somehow, a higher number of spots is correlated with offspring parasite resistance, and so males that pair with heavily spotted females gain substantial reproductive benefits.

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