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It is unlawful for any person under 18 to possess a handgun or any other form of short-barreled hand firearm. Upon receipt of the application, the chief of police or sheriff shall, within 2 days, issue the certificate or furnish the applicant the specific reasons for the denial in writing.

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Nebraska only honors Iowa's Non-Professional Permit. MORE It is unlawful to carry a firearm in a state game refuge.

An exception is made for transporting firearms by highway or railroad through the refuge.

Antique handgun or pistol means any handgun or pistol, including those with a matchlock, flintlock, percussion cap, or similar type of ignition system, manufactured in or before 1898 and any replica of such a handgun or pistol if the replica (a) is not designed or redesigned for using rimfire or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition or (b) uses rimfire or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition which is no longer manufactured in the United States and which is not readily available in the ordinary channels of commercial trade.

A certificate and instant check are not required to transfer an antique handgun.

Any person denied a certificate, whose certificate is revoked, or who has not been issued a certificate upon expiration of the two-day period may appeal within 10 days of receipt of the denial or revocation to the county court of the applicant's place of residence.

Adult singles dating chambers nebraska

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