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“This may represent one of the first steps of human colonization on the plateau,” Dong says.“Those hunter-gathers might then expand to the inner plateau along the river valley.” The second study pushes back the dates of human settlement above 4,000 meters by 4,000 years.A better understanding of modern Tibetans’ genetic mix and diversity could help reconstruct the history of migration and population expansion in the region, and may help unravel the mystery of the ethnic origins of Tibetans—and of how humans have adapted to low-oxygen conditions at high altitudes.

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Based on this they theorized that people were living in Tibet at the height of LGM, but the lack of archaeological finds near the site has cast doubt on this.

“Many people don’t think it’s possible,” Aldenderfer says.

Since that initial migration, as the ice age tightened its grip on the plateau, genetic mixing between Tibetans and non-Tibetans probably ground to a halt for tens of thousands of years—suggesting that movement into Tibet dropped to the minimum.

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