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When he shows up with dinner and he didn’t even need to ask what you wanted.

He knows exactly what your regular orders are, right down to holding the carrots in your shrimp pad thai.

And you know he’ll never eat a slice of pizza that has come within a foot of of an olive. If you haven’t left your bed in three days, let alone had the energy to take a shower, and you still accept his offer to bring you some soup, you must not mind if he sees you looking your absolute worst. When he agrees to watch a certain show with you and only you.

5 dating milestones

At first, you never want to seem too eager, or too available.

But once you’re at the point where you’ll text him whenever you feel like it without analyzing it first, you’ve officially made it past the “casually dating” phase. Not only do you get each other’s humor, you’re actually able to laugh together at things no one else gets.

Hopefully, when you open your eyes, you think, ""With half the world gone phone-o-phobe, and with texting, email, and Facebook right at our fingertips, an extended actual phone call means more than ever.

Even the best of us get a bit ruffled by the thought of actually dialing someone's number and filling the dead air with fascinating, yet casual conversation.

If it happens in front of him and you aren’t mortified, that’s a pretty good sign you’re comfortable around him and you know he doesn’t judge you.

5 dating milestones

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