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With the release of additional oxytocin, we are likely to experience a calming or soothing effect during times of substantial stress.While men are also capable of producing oxytocin during times of stress, heightened levels of testosterone undermine this effect while estrogen appears to magnify it.As creatures who crave intimacy, we are constantly looking for a partner with whom we can share our lives.

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For instance, a 2002 UCLA study found that women experience increased levels of the oxytocin—the cuddle hormone—in response to stress.

When we respond to these increased levels of oxytocin, we are more likely to seek the companionship of other women and, when and if we do so, we experience yet another rush of oxytocin throughout our bodies.

It is not that platonic relationships are deemed unimportant; they are simply regarded as secondary commitments.

We perpetuate these priorities in the ways we speak to and behave towards one another.

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