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This is the cheapest way if you repay within the interest-free or low-interest period.You need a good credit rating to get one of these cards.Get free debt advice now Steve pays a total of £435.83 in interest and fees each month.

A 1099-C is a cancellation of debt form filed with the IRS by a creditor that has either 1) reached a settlement with a debtor for less than was originally owed, or has 2) forgiven the entire debt, concluding it will never be able to collect the debt.

Debt that may be claimed on a 1099-C form includes stated principal, stated interest, fees, penalties, administrative costs, and fines.

Steve would save £616.69 by switching to a debt consolidation loan.

A debt consolidation loan definitely doesn’t make sense if: You can shift all your debts to a 0% or low-interest balance transfer card.

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