10 commandments of dating review

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Here is a very brief summary of the 23-part GFAS video course: Tens of thousands of articles have been written in magazines and on dating sites over the years, describing how to attract and date women.Even Psychology Today says that confident, assertive men are more attractive to women than indecisive, insecure guys.

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That’s no big surprise, yet few guys are able to pull confidence off without coming across as arrogant, smug, or just plain jerks.

The first few modules in the Girlfriend Activation System talk about the idea of masculine power and the role it plays in creating animalistic attraction in the female brain.

You do not care about her pet gerbil so stop asking about it.” Man asked God, “But God, how will I know if it’s a boring question? Ask something that evokes emotion.” So man asked, “But how will I know if it evokes emotion?

” God sighed and said, “There you go again with the boring questions.

Thou shalt not spend more than $20 Man looked at his tattered clothing and asked, “God how can I afford to take woman on a date?

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